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Multi-Part Live Webinar Template

3-Part Webinar Series

Based on the 2016 AISC Specification and Steel Construction Manual, 15th Ed.

The Fundamentals of Connections Design, based on the 2016 AISC Specification and Steel Construction Manual, 15th Ed., provides an overview of typical connections including advantages and disadvantages of each connection type, a review of member, bolt and weld limit states, design methodologies for shear, moment and brace connections and design examples. Connection types included are shear end-plate, double angle, single angle, shear tab, tee, and seated connections, flange welded-web bolted, flange plate-web bolted, flange teestub-web bolted, and end-plate moment connections,  bracing connections and seismic connections.

  • Date: 10/12/2017 to 11/2/2017
  • Duration: 1.5 hours per session
  • Location: Live Webinar Series
  • PDH Credits: 1.5 PDH per Session (Up to 4.5 PDH)
  • Registration Deadline: 10/5/2017 10:00 a.m.
  • Connection Instructions: Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing your receipt, a link to access the webinar, dial-in audio instructions, and a link to a PDF handout of slides.


Session L1: Steel Bridge Fabrication

Presented by Karl Frank, PhD, PE

This session will address the fabrication process of steel plate and box girders. All steps will be presented, from cutting the plates to size and fitting and welding the plates together to form the girders, to the fitting of the field splice connections. The impact of design on fabrication costs will be discussed, and recommendations will be made on design features from a fabrication standpoint. The welding processes used to join the plates including submerged arc weld, flux cored electrode, and narrow gap electroslag welding will be described. The inspection techniques and requirements used to ensure the quality of the welds will be presented. The session will conclude with a glimpse into the future of fabrication showing the virtual assembly process.

Presented by Todd Helwig, PhD, PE

This session will focus on the design and behavior of plate girders in steel bridges. Methods of preliminary sizing of the girders will be discussed along with an overview of the strength evaluation of composite girders. The AASHTO strength provisions for the evaluation of member and system stability will be covered. Member and system stability topics will include the evaluation of local buckling, lateral torsional buckling, as well as system buckling of narrow steel bridge systems. The principles will be supported through design examples.

Presented by Domenic Coletti, PE, and Ronnie Medlock, PE

This session will address the behavior, analysis, and construction of curved and skewed steel I-girder bridges. The session will begin with a discussion of how steel I-girders and their connecting cross-frames fit together during erection, which will establish the framework for the class. Then the behavior of curved and skewed steel I-girder bridges will be reviewed, with an emphasis on behaviors unique to these types of structures (torsional stresses and deformations, global overturning, etc.). Various analysis methods for curved and skewed steel I-girder bridges will be described and compared, including 1D, 2D, and 3D analysis methods. The effects of boundary conditions, span length, curvature, and skew will also be presented. The session will then transition to a discussion of the fabrication and erection processes associated with fit, including fabrication detailing, girder and cross frame fabrication, and girder and cross frame erection practices


Robert Connor

Robert Connor, PhD

Robert Connor is a Professor in the School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University.

Matthew R. Eatherton

Matthew R. Eatherton

Matthew R. Eatherton is an Associate Professor at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Thomas M. Murray

Thomas M. Murray

Dr. Thomas M. Murray is an Emeritus Professor at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia.


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