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Structural Stainless Steel

Three-Part Webinar Series

Join us for a three-part webinar series on the design of durable and resilient stainless steel structures, starting with how to choose the right stainless steel alloy for a specific project through to designing members and connections, with practical advice on fabrication and installation.

The series will introduce and explain the provisions in the brand new AISC 370 Specification for Structural Stainless Steel Buildings and the supporting AISC 313 Code of Standard Practice for Structural Stainless Steel Buildings. We'll also cover additional useful information in the new Second Ed. of AISC Design Guide 27 Structural Stainless Steel.

  • Date: 05/05/2022 to 05/19/2022
  • Duration: 1.5 hours per session
  • Location: Live Webinar Series
  • PDH Credits: 1.5 PDH per Session (Up to 4.5 PDH)
  • Registration Deadline: 5/5/2022 10:00 a.m.
  • Connection Instructions: Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing your receipt, a link to access the webinar, dial-in audio instructions, and a link to a PDF handout of slides.


Presented by Catherine Houska and Nancy Baddoo

This presentation will introduce the new specification AISC 370, explaining why it is needed and how the specification and properties of stainless steel differ from those of carbon steel. An overview of structural alloys, applications and available product forms will be given, followed by guidance on how to assess the corrosiveness of the service environment, select an appropriate stainless steel family and alloy, and specify in accordance with ASTM and AISC 370 requirements.

Presented by Nancy Baddoo and Francisco Meza

This session will lead the designer step-by -step through the process of designing stainless steel tension members, beams and columns in accordance with AISC 370, highlighting the differences compared to the rules for carbon steel in AISC 360. Structural performance at elevated temperatures will also be discussed.

Presented by Jason Provines and Benjamin Baer

The principles of designing stainless steel bolted and welded connections will be covered in this session, compared against the equivalent rules for carbon steel. Best practice fabrication procedures will also be presented. An overview of the key differences between the new Code of Practice for stainless steel, AISC 313, compared to AISC 303 will be given.


Catherine Houska

Catherine Houska

Catherine Houska is an internationally recognized consultant on architectural and structural metals with over 35 years of experience, author of more than 200 publications and frequent speaker.

Nancy Baddoo

Nancy Baddoo

Nancy Baddoo is an associate director at The Steel Construction Institute (SCI) in the UK and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Dr Francisco Meza

Francisco Meza

Francisco Meza had a key role in drafting the structural design rules in AISC 370 and co-authored the Second Edition of AISC Design Guide 27, Structural Stainless Steel

Benjamin Baer

Benjamin Baer

Benjamin Baer is a structural engineer in suburban Chicago, continuing the practice founded by his father in 1955.

Jason Provines

Jason Provines

Jason Provines is a senior research scientist at the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) conducting research for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).


Price Info

3-Session Package

$200  Member
$350  Non-member
$165  Student/Faculty
$200  Government Employee

Only registrant is eligible for a PDH certificate.  Work From Home accomodations are NOT available for this registration option.

Note: There is no recording access for this webinar series.

Individual Live Sessions

$185  Member
$285  Non-member
$155 Student/Faculty
$155 Government Employee

Prices are per webinar.  Registration includes certificates for an unlimited number of people at one connection site. Work From Home accomodations are available for this registration option.

Note: There is no recording access for this webinar series.

Accommodations for Stay-at-home and Safer-at-home orders

For Individual Live Sessions Registration Only - In light of the recent changes to daily work life, we understand that many people are working from home at this time. If the individual registration option is not feasible for your company, we will accommodate each attendee who would typically gather in your office conference room. Once you've registered as a group registration, contact for further details on how to connect your employees and receive certificates.