Bolt Spec Review
By Tom Schlafly
Changes in the next edition of RCSC's bolting specification clarify some finer points of washer usage.

Double Take
By Andrew C. Coates, P.E., Paul M. Skelton, P.E., and David S. Tuckman, P.E.
Lifting Boston's McArdle Bridge to higher standards meant putting it back into working order and creating easy access for repairs down the road.

Fabrication Afloat
By Beth S. Pollak with Craig Lewis, S.E.
A design-build project on San Nicholas Island was smooth sailing due to the early involvement of AISC-member fabricator Nova Group, Inc.

In the Beginning: The Origins of the One-Third Stress Increase
By Charles J. Carter, P.E., S.E.
Current ASCE 7 provisions have significantly altered the familiar "one-third stress increase" - but where did it come from in the first place?

Look at Them Now!
By Hillary A. Lichtenstein
How design-build works to create strong yet striking bridges.

Plate Power
By Richard B. Vincent and Annie Boilard
SPS technology - used for the first time in creating a deck for the Shenley Bridge in Quebec, Canada - promises to be science's fountain of youth for bridge preservation.

Steel Products

Sun Sculpture
By Scott L. Melnick
Is it a bridge or is it a sculpture? The Turtle Bay Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA is an amazing example of both.

The Price is Right
By Christopher D. Baker, P.E., and Danny L. Landry
Cost-effective design makes steel the material of choice in dual-design bidding for the new Missisquoi Bay Bridge in Vermont.