Capitol Improvements
By Mark Tamaro, P.E., Jeffrey D’Andrea, P.E. and Lucas Nisley
An innovative construction methodology speeds the way for the Washington Nationals’ new ballpark.

Taking it to the Next Level
By Len Tsupros
Parking capacity is expanded at a growing university hospital thanks to hybrid steel and concrete design.

The Better Choice
By Philip G. Rahrig
Galvanized steel parking structures are stong  contenders in today’s parking market.

Quality Space
By Ben White
Steel trusses connect two new Qualcomm headquarters structures via a dramatic, column-free atrium.

A Categorical Approach
By Terri Meyer Boake, Sylvie Boulanger, and Walter Koppelaar
The Canadian Institute for Steel Construction is taking a new approach to specifying AESS requirements.

Clearly Certification
By Brian Raff
AISC Certification tackles a tough subject—what happens in a fabrication shop audit—with an innovative new brochure.

Engineers can—and do—Communicate Well
By Anne Scarlett
Every technical professional has the capacity to develop presentation and sales skills.

Properly Prepared
By Erika Winters-Downey, S.E.
There’s more than one way to surface prep a member.

Coatings for Sustainable Structures
By Todd Alwood
When choosing coatings for exposed structural steel—and especially when designing for LEED—make sure they don’t negatively affect indoor air quality.

Learning by Doing
By Steve Kurtz, P.E., Ph.D.
Students at one engineering school learn about steel erection—by actually doing it in class.