From Mill to Museum
By Werner Sobek, Angelika Schmid, and Frank Heinlein
A former Mexican steel mill lives on as a museum, invoking the past, present, and future of the material.

What Lies Beneath
By James Casson
Under-floor building services drive floor member design in a London office building.

Shining Through
By Mike Cook
A recent renovation project in Dresden, Germany sheds new light on the interior of the city’s Main Station.

On the Grid
By John Sumnicht
Seismic isolators, sandwiched between two steel grids, separate an existing San Francisco building from its vertical addition.

On the Brink
By James O. Malley, S.E.
Advanced seismic analysis and design keep a crucial 15-story building near the Hayward Fault from becoming history.

Getting the Most from Certification
By Russ Panico
AISC Certification gives fabricators a foundation for building problem-prevention strategies. 

Steel Bridge News - June 2008
A quarterly feature highlighting the latest news from the National Steel Bridge Alliance.

On Opposite Coasts
By Craig Finley, P.E., Jerry Pfuntner, P.E., and Matthew Adams, P.E.
Two Florida bridges—on either side of the state—will deliver multiple benefits to their owners and users, thanks to value engineering redesign.

Limited Access
By Kip Coulter, P.E., and Kent Cordtz, P.E., S.E.
There’s only one bridge to Sauvie Island—and given its long list of requirements, only one way to build it.

The Financial Essentials of Strategic Planning
By Ian Rusk
A good business planning effort should begin with a thorough financial analysis of the firm’s performance.

Bolting Standards Update
A look at recent additions and updates to industry standards for structural bolts.

The Care and Feeding of Detailers
By Jack Metcalfe
Overlooked, misunderstood, and often maligned, structural steel detailers nevertheless play a critical role in bringing projects to life. (137 KB)