Florida Confidential
By Gene Martin, Walt Primer, and Geoff Weisenburger
AISC's "Team Florida" provides some insight on just what's happening in steel-wise in the land of alligators, oranges, and theme parks.

Growing Up in Manhattan
By Andrew Mueller-Lust, P.E.
Well-studied use of structural steel allows Bank of America Tower to rise in New York City.

Room to Grow
By Peter Cheeder, P.E., and Adam Blanchard
MIT takes advantage of an adjacent, unused indsutrial area to increase its living space.

Village Life
By Craig Carroll, P.E.
Colorado's Vail Village gets a new addition that blends in with its old-world style.

At the Center of Things
By Marc Alper, P.E., S.E., and Andrew Trivers, AIA
A new luxury condo building holds its own in the thriving commercial and cultural hot spot in suburban St. Louis.

First on the Block
By Robert Pyle, P.E.
A San Diego Condominium project sets a structural precedent in a high-profile part of town.         

Sound and Light
By Joseph M. Salvatore, AIA, LEED AP, and Bruce Danziger, S.E.
Acoustic and visual requirements drive the design of an Arizona arts center.

Stepping Back in Time
By Victoria Arbitrio, P.E., SECB, Randall Goya, and Julie Hausch-Fen
The outside is old, the inside is new, and both revolve around the ancient world in this academic renovation project.

Detailers: Where to Find Them and How to Keep Them
By Hugh Dobbie, RSD, ASCT, MBA
Recruitment and training efforts are more important than ever when it comes to molding new steel detailers.

Digging Through the Rubble
By Monica Stockmann and Thomas J. Schlafly
The Northridge earthquake changed the way we weld, and a little guidance is helpful in navigating the current applicable welding requirements for seismic projects.

Linking Quality to Social Responsibility
By Kimberly A. Swiss
There are lots of ways to define social responsibility-and ever more ways to implement them.

Overcoming Challenges in Public Projects
By Rachel Lebeaux
Learn how your A/E firm can surmount the difficulties that arise in public-sector projects.

From Flat to Fluted
Flutes-the ridges in metal deck-are what give deck its strength. MSC recently got the skinny from various metal deck industry representatives on what keeps their industry going strong.

A Wide Range of Wide-Flange
By Max Powell
Readily avaliable inventories make service centers an important link in the steel supply chain.