Power Up
By James L. Ryan, P.E., and Richard N. Smith
Modular framing options are providing power plants with opportunities the become more structurally efficient.

A (Reading) Room with a View
By Patty Johnson
A steel-framed dome crowns the newly expanded San Diego Central Library and gives visitors something to look at besides the books.

Above Water
By Jedd W. Heap, AIA, LEED AP, and Karl Hees, P.E.
Structural steel and wood join forces in a new Florida swimming pool facility.

Down but not Out
By Terrence Tiberio and Jason Stith
A Kentucky bridge makes a quick comeback after a ship takes out one of its spans.

No Buckling Under Pressure
By Kimberley S. Robinson, S.E., Ryan A. Kersting, S.E., and Brandt Saxey, S.E.
A unified design approach to buckling-restrained braced frame design.

Industry Insight
By Geoff Weisenberger and Victoria Cservenyak
Thousands get an inside look at the structural steel industry on the fourth annual SteelDay.

Does this Beam Make My Building Look Too Heavy?
By Carlo Lini
An extra pair of trained eyes can often spot opportunities for improvement in a structural framing layout.

Taking a Dip
By Philip G. Rahrig and Thomas J. Langill
Hot-dip galvanizing experts answer questions about the zinc-rich protective coating system.

Good Conversation
By Anne Scarlett
Tips and techniques toward becoming a better conversationalist.

Smooth Ride
Biking and business development keep a Colorado fabricator rolling along.