Breaking with Tradition
By Douglas J. Rothermel, S.E., P.E., and Thomas L. Scott, P.E.
Texas A&M University takes a new material direction and lightens the feel of an institutional building.

Up and at ’em
By Jeff Newman, P.E., and Geoff Forest, P.E.
A lift bridge rehabilitation project takes place with the lift span in the raised position. And while the bridge was held high, construction time stayed low.

Investing in Science
By Rebecca Roy
A scientific staple of a Massachusetts university gets upgraded for the 21st century.

On Shaky Ground
By Samir Sidhom, P.E., and Jeff Berg, P.E.
A new bridge provides an environmentally integrated and seismically safe crossing over one of many waterways in America’s first national park.

Breaking it Down
By Matthew Haaksma
The construction of six new buildings at a New York mental health campus involved plenty of scheduling and coordination challenges, but also successes thanks to superior sequencing.

Alternative Approach
By Martin Furrer, S.E., P.E.
The alternative technical concept procurement method proves to be the best value for a bridge replacement in Missouri’s outdoor vacation paradise.

Test of Time
By Craig Alexander, S.E., P.E.
A casino project, meant to help bring Buffalo’s waterfront to life, comes back to life itself after a years-long, recession-induced delay.

A New Way to Connect
By Theodore P. Zoli, P.E., and Steve Delgrosso, P.E.
An innovative steel truss strategy delivers a bi-state vertical lift bridge in just 18 months.

Ready for More
By Don Tiefenbrunn, Bill Tremayne, S.E., and Paul Littler, P.E.
A historic San Francisco building constructed after the Big One in 1906 is modernized and reinforced for the next chapter in its life—and better equipped for future seismic events.

Observing Safety
By Tom Schlafly
How do you make your workplace safer? Here’s a start.

Resource Reminder
By Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., Ph.D.
There’s a lot to know about AISC and its many resources. And the more you know, the better-equipped you’ll be to handle the world of modern steel construction.

Good Advice on Bad News
By Anne Scarlett
How to deliver—and receive—bad news in business.

Structurally Sound: Olympic-Caliber Steel