Hidden Marvel
By Christian Wiederholz, PE
A historic concrete bridge near New York City was replicated—in steel. And most people will never know.

Smooth Operator
By Sean Feeney
L.A. Metro’s innovative new operations and maintenance facility is the latest addition to the area’s growing transit network.

Thinking Outside the Cube
By Joe Mugford, PE, and Philip Murray, PE
A new retail project near Times Square demonstrates the hipness of being square.

Rapid Rise
By Matt Barron, PE, Aaron Davis and Mark Seabold
Designed and built nearly simultaneously, a new office building enhances a Cedar Rapids growth corridor, turning a vacant lot into premium office space and facilitating expansion.

Built to Last
By Geoff Weisenberger
AISC full member steel fabricators that have reached the century mark share some of their secrets to success.

Living (Comfortably) with Vibration
By Thomas M. Murray, PE, PhD
Vibration due to human activity is a major design consideration. But it doesn’t have to be a problem.

Addressing Anchors 
By Eric Bolin
A look at some field-fix options for column anchor rods.

Strength and Engagement
By James LaBelle, PE, DocE
Notes on thread strength and partial engagement of anchor rod nuts.

SteelDay is Coming! 
By John Cross, PE
This year’s SteelDay continues the spirit of SteelDays past, while also introducing a couple of new elements.