Steel Castings in Architecture: Do you Know how to Design them?
By Raymond Monroe, Carlos de Oliveira, PEng, and Thomas R. Meyer, SE, PE
Knowing the basics of steel castings can go a long way toward helping you incorporate them into a project.

West Coast Boast
By Gerard M. Nieblas, SE
Set to open this spring, the tallest building on the West Coast resists wind and seismic drifts with massive braces.

Light as Air
By Bryan Seamer, SE, and Daniel Wang, SE
A new community college student center takes advantage, and not-so-subtly displays the versatility and sustainability, of structural steel.

New Steel, Vintage Feel
By Tyler J. Barile, Christopher J. Menna, PE, James B. Miller, PE, Christopher J. Renfro and Michael J. Schickling
New steel supports an old bridge over a busy transit line in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Freedom 
By Christopher Gottschall
An economical all-structural-steel gravity and lateral framing system is the perfect solution for this residential mixed-use project.

Shifting the Window
By Lisa Patel
AISC Certification is in the process of adjusting audit windows for participants. Here’s what you should know.

Take a Moment to Consider this Moment Connection 
By Larry S. Muir, PE
Sometimes, simple questions aren’t as simple as they appear.

A Beam is a Beam 
By Louis F. Geschwindner, PE, PhD
Designing members for flexure with the new AISC Specification.

Live to Innovate
By Steve Blue
Innovation isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.

Specific Instructions to the Contrary
By Charles J. Carter, SE, PE, PhD, David B. Ratterman and Michael A. West, PE
With the CoSP comes great power—and great responsibility.