Above the Rest
By Chris D. Poland, S.E.
Oregon Health and Science University's new Peter O. Kohler Pavilion meets stringent seismic requirements while doubling the schools programming space.

Design Foresight
By Jeffrey Smilow, P.E.,and Allen Thompson, P.E.
A new office high-rise paves the way towards revitalizing Queens and creating a new business district for New York.

Making a Statement
By Steve Hague
Designers blend clean, sweeping lines with creative use of steel to produce a signature span for Ohio's capital.

Medical Marvel
By Randy Karl Hagens, AIA, P.E.
A new hospital tower overcomes access and siting challenges to become a welcome and appropriate addition to the Boise skyline.

Metal Deck Products

Quality Corner: Five Questions I'm Asked Every Day
By Kimberly A. Swiss
Quality Management Company's manager of certification administration answers five important and frequent questions about AISC certification.

Rolling Along
By Geoff Weisenberger
An inside look at how large coils of flat steel become uniform pieces of metal deck.

Steel Bridge News - September 2007
A quarterly feature highlighting the latest news from the National Steel Bridge Alliance.

SteelWise: Let's Be Plank...
By Todd Alwood
Plank experts offer a few things for the structural engineer and fabricator to keep in mind when designing projects involving plank.

The Other Side of the Tracks
A new viaduct provides motorists with an alternate over multiple tracks in a western Iowa railroad town.

You Can't Judge a Cable by Its Cover
By Ronald M. Mayrbaurl, P.E., and Helen Goddard
"Getting to the heart of the matter" is a good philosophy to adopt when evaluating suspension bridge cables.