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Straightforward Specification (June 2017)
Specifying restrained classifications for fire protection in floor and roof assemblies is a more direct process than you might think.

Comprehensive Coverage (January 2017)
The new UL D982 now covers all common steel-framed floor configurations.

Proper Application of Steel Beam Load Restriction Factors to UL Designs (February 2016)
UL, AISC and AISI update the applicability of load restrictions for UL Designs for steel beams.

Structural Design for Fire Conditions (April 2010)
Practical applications of AISC 2010 Specification Appendix 4.

Fire Protection to Go (December 2009)
Shop-applied intumescent, fireproofing cuts schedule and speeds erection.

Fire Protection Basics (September 2009)
A variety of good options are available.

Fire Protective Coatings: An Overview (March 2005)
Structural steel often needs to be fire protected for use in residential and office buildings, schools, airports, and other structures. Here's a closer look at some of the different coatings available and how they perform.

Thickness Determination for Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (April 2002)
This NASCC paper addresses the method for determining the thickness of spray-applied fire resistive material based on the current prescriptive code approach.

Performance-Based Design for Fire Resistance (December 2000)
How "t-equivalent" analysis and other factors are changing the way we look at fire resistance design

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