Copyright Permissions

Codes and Standards

AISC makes its standards and specifications freely available to design professionals and others involved in the construction industry. If you are printing the documents and require verification of permission from the publisher (AISC), you may download the following forms and fill out the necessary information. Please note that while permission for printing is granted, we prefer users do not post the documents on their websites but rather link back to AISC to ensure the latest version is always referenced.

This copyright permission forms may be used to make copies of standards at your local copy shop.

Copyright Permission Form

If you need to make a copy of a standard not referenced on tle copyright permission form, contact Martin Downs,

Manuals and Design Guides

Under some circumstances, AISC will grant limited consent for commercial reprinting of protected works for authors to reprint portions of copyrighted materials which are clearly identified in advance. Permission hinges upon compliance with the terms outlined in the form below. Please complete the form and submit it as instructed. 

Limited Consent Agreement

If you have questions on this form, please contact Martin Downs,


AISC produces two periodicals: the monthly Modern Steel Construction and the quarterly Engineering Journal

AISC cannot provide permission to reuse or cite photography appearing in an AISC periodical.

  • To reuse figures and text from an AISC periodical, contact the author of the original piece to obtain permission.
  • To cite figures or portions of text from an AISC periodical, please use an accepted citation format that clearly identifies the author and AISC publication as the source.

Modern Steel Construction

Engineering Journal