Why Steel


Structural steel framing systems provide a unique combination of long spans, open floor spaces and clean lines to bring out the best in  retail projects

Whether standalone or mixed-use, structural steel continues to be the market share leader for the retail sector thanks to its ability to optimize space in stores of all sizes. Choosing structural steel  for a retail project can provide significant benefits, including:

  • Earlier building occupancy thanks to quick erection, which reduces overall on-site construction, labor and associated time and costs
  • Competitive costs compared to other structural materials
  • Clean interior looks using hollow structural sections (HSS) or architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS)
  • Flexible spaces thanks to long column-free areas, as well as large expanses of window space, which maximizes natural light
  • Fast,  repetitious roof framing with steel joists and castellated or cellular beams
  • Easy integration with other space types above and below  in mixed-use applications

Crate & Barrel, Chicago, FL

"Steel matches our core business philosophy. It is the industry standard in retail for many reasons. It's the fastest material to erect; it's always cost competitive. A school opening early doesn't mean much to the bottom line. But a retail store? Steel is at the top of the list for speed to market." John Moebes, Director of Construction, Crate & Barrel

Washington Street, New York, NY

837 Washington Street,  New York, NY

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