Why Steel

Sports Facilities

Structural steel's ability to easily handle cantilevers and long spans makes it the perfect choice for sports facilities and stadiums

Structural steel framing systems can readily achieve the soaring spans and long cantilevers that define today's sports facilities, providing unobstructed views and opportunities for architects to create fan-friendly signature projects out of what were once seen as very functional, spartan facilities.

An innovative, striking look is critical for modern sports facilities, as the expectation of a  cutting edge area or stadium is no longer a perk  but rather a requirement for cities and schools to entice teams, players, and a supportive fan base.  Whether it's rehabbing a beloved historic ballpark or building a massive new stadium, steel  brings a variety of benefits to any sports venue:

  • Ease of maintenance and inspection
  • Earlier building occupancy thanks to quick  erection, which reduces overall on-site construction, labor and associated time and costs (Schedule Page link)
  • Cost advantages thanks to faster construction, lighter foundations and adaptability for budget optimization
  • Flexible spaces thanks to the ability to achieve long, column-free areas--perfect for clear sight lines as well as domes and retractable roofs
  • Long cantilevers for canopies and atriums
  • Artistic spaces thanks to its ability to be curved
  • Steel can be exposed for dramatic results with architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) applications


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