Why Steel

Data Centers

Thanks to its long-span capabilities, speedy construction and resilience, structural steel is ideal for creating strong, secure data centers

Data center construction has increased significantly in recent years thanks to the growth of the web-based economy and the ever-increasing need for personal, corporate and government data security.  These facilities are being built not only in  major cities but also in remote locations and are often driven by weather and infrastructure considerations.  And decision-makers are wisely choosing steel for these robust, warehouse-type facilities for several  reasons:

  • Enhanced framing quality through the use of  a long-lasting, durable, high-quality material fabricated off-site to tight tolerances
  • Earlier building occupancy thanks to quick  erection, which reduces overall on-site construction, labor and associated time and costs
  • Innovative solutions decreasing erection time for a structural steel building
  • Cost advantages thanks to faster construction, lighter foundations and adaptability
  • Flexible spaces thanks to long  column-free areas

Steel Solutions Center 

The Steel Solutions Center is for people who need technical assistance, innovative solutions, or tools to make structural steel design even easier.

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