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Today's engineering, architecture and construction management students are the future of the design and construction industry.  AISC's Adopt-a-School program connects local fabricators with university and college-level students in a meaningful way and encourages long-term relationships that can improve the students' learning experiences both in and outside of the classroom.

AISC Fabricator Members are urged to adopt a school local to your shop.  Your involvement will provide students with practical information, promote the structural steel industry, and increase your network of future design professionals.

Students who have had increased exposure to steel and the structural steel industry can confidently select steel as a design solution in their future projects.  Help us in our efforts to develop future professionals knowledgeable in structural steel design and construction.

Adopt a school today!

Review the Adoption Overview below, and contact Maria Mnookin ( if you wish to be connected with a school in your area.

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Adoption Overview

Fabrication companies and schools are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the Adopt-a-School program to the extent each party is willing and able.  The following are ways fabricators can contribute the students' experiences both in and outside of the classroom:

  • Provide a tour of your fabrication shop (and cover transportation expenses, if possible).
  • Sponsor a Student Steel Bridge Team/Club, which could include the following:
    • Donate materials for the bridge.
    • Assist in fabrication services for the schools that do not have their own shop facilities. (Students are encouraged to maximize their involvement in fabrication!)
    • Based upon the competition rules, provide guidance on constructability and cost.
    • Make a monetary contribution to the school that can be used to offset  expenses such as materials, other equipment, shop training, and travel to the regional and national competitions. See more at
  • Be a guest lecturer and give a presentation about what students should know about steel fabrication.
  • Connect classes to your local projects under construction and help to arrange site visits.
  • Donate samples for classroom visual aids such as slices of rolled sections.
  • Donate materials for student designed and built projects or for laboratory work.
  • Donate a Steel Sculpture to the school’s campus. See more at
  • Fund students and faculty to attend industry events such as NASCC: The Steel Conference.

Industry Connections

Here are just a few ways fabricators and others are partnering with local colleges and universities to make an impact on the future.

Faculty Led FunFaculty-Led Fun

Steel-related field trips provide students--whether traditional or life-long learners--not just educational opportunities but also memorable experiences.

Published in Modern Steel Construction, September 2023





Partnering UpPartnering Up

Industry partnerships between colleges and fabrication facilities can provide crucial experiential learning, as illustrated by a recent endeavor in St. Louis.

Published in Modern Steel Construction, August 2023





Ball State UniversityLearning the Loop

A new sculpture on Ball State’s campus celebrates the school’s College of Architecture and Planning and puts its students’ skills on full display.

Published in Modern Steel Construction, March 2023





Winning Welding in WyomingWinning Welding in Wyoming

Now in its third year, a SteelDay competition at a Wyoming fabricator starts students on a welding career path at a local community college.

Published in Modern Steel Construction, September 2019