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Educator Forum

The Educator Forum is a unique resource for collaboration amongst faculty members of the steel education community. It allows educators to interact with and gain valuable insight from other steel educators. Educators within the academic engineering community have permission to contribute and collaborate on this Site within the scope of the Terms of Agreement.

To request permission to access the AISC Educator Forum, please complete the request form found at the link below.


Please note: The email address you submit will be used to grant you access to the forum. Once you have been approved for access, you will be sent instructions for initial log-in. All fields are required to be filled-out prior to submitting the form.

This forum is a Google site and requires users to have a Google account, i.e. gmail. You may access the forum through the email address you submit in the form linked above, but it will have to be linked to a Google account. If you don't have a Google account, you will be asked to create one in the initial log-in instructions. This is not a difficult process, and we hope it does not deter you from submitting this form. Questions or comments? Contact Maria Mnookin, education program manager, at 312.670.5418 or