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Partners In Education

The Partners In Education committee's mission is to assist universities in preparing students to become professionals knowledgeable in the use of structural steel.  The targeted academic programs include Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Construction Engineering, and Structural Engineering.


  • Curriculum Development: Assure that the targeted programs have the necessary content to assist them in developing future professionals who are knowledgeable in structural steel behavior and design.
  • Faculty Development: Foster career development of faculty members involved in curricula that include structural steel through support of teaching, research and service.
  • Student Activities: Develop student interest and enthusiasm for use of steel as a design and construction solution.
  • Industry Interaction: Promote interaction between the structural steel industry and university programs.

"Partners in Education" is an AISC Committee composed of engineering, construction management and architecture educators, steel fabricators, consulting engineers and construction managers.

The Partners in Education (PIE) committee currently consists of the following members:

Judy Liu (Chair), Oregon State University
Aaron Hill (Vice Chair), United States Military Academy
Kereshmeh Afsari, Virginia Tech
Karl Barth, West Virginia University
Mara Braselton, Thornton Tomasetti
Hans Herrmann, Mississippi State University
Jeffrey Keileh, Plant Construction
Jason McCormick, University of Michigan
Adam Phillips, Washington State University
Ryan Sherman, Georgia Institute of Technology
Patrick Tripeny, University of Utah
Marci Uihlein, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Katie Wheaton, Case Western Reserve University
Ronald Ziemian, Bucknell University
Casey Brown (AISC Board Oversite), Zimkor
Christina Harber (Secretary), AISC

More Information
To learn how to become a member of this committee, click here.  If you have questions about the committee, contact Christina Harber.