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Regional Events

Beginning with the 2019 competition year, AISC will work with host schools to organize 18 Student Steel Bridge Competition - Regional Events.  For planning, convenience and team budgetary reasons, the 2019 Regional Events will largely follow the ASCE Student Conference dates and locations.  However, this was not possible in all cases, so we are currently sourcing other host schools for some regions. Please take special note below.  Also note, AISC's Student Steel Bridge Competition is no longer affiliated with ASCE, and all Regional Events must be distinct, separate competitions, as ASCE requested.

Please see below for Regional Event locations, dates, contacts and websites (as available).  This information will be updated throughout the year, so please check back for updates!

2019 SSBC Regional Event Information

Regional Host Schools are still being confirmed. This page will be updated as information becomes available. AISC will ensure that a competition will be held in all 18 regions. 


Host school: North Carolina State University
Dates: April 5-6, 2019
Contacts: Mr. Steven Welton; Carl (Sanders) Rohs; Mr. Ben Smith; Dr. Mort Barlaz
Website: Coming soon!

Deep South

Host school:  Louisiana Tech Univerity
Dates: March 27-28, 2019
Contacts: Norm Pumphrey; John Kraft
Website: Coming Soon!

Great Lakes

Host school: Valparaiso University
Dates: April 12-13, 2019
Contacts: Anne RaichGrace JacksonJacob Henschen
Website: Coming soon!


Host school: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Dates: April 27, 2019
Contacts: Matthew BandeltJakob Guido
Website: Coming Soon!


Host school: Coming soon!
Dates: Coming soon!


Host school: University of Oklahoma
Dates: April 12, 2019
Contacts: Prof. Chris Ramseyer
Website: Coming soon!


Host school: Coming soon!
Dates: Coming soon!


Host school: South Dakota State University
Dates: March 22-23, 2018
Contacts: Zach Gutzmer;  Jordan Twedt
Website: Coming soon!

New England

Host school: University of Maine
Dates: Coming soon!
Contacts: Edwin Nagy; Tiffany Floria

North Central

Host school: University of Michigan
*TENTATIVE Dates: April 12-13, 2019
Contacts: Prof. Jason McCormick; Geoffrey Gabala
Website: Coming soon!

Ohio Valley

Host school: University of Akron
Dates: April 12-13, 2019
Contacts:  David RokeMonica Moody, Stephen Duirk
Website: Coming soon!

Pacific Northwest

Host school: Saint Martin's University
Dates: April 12, 2019
Contacts: Prof. Jill Walsh

Pacific Southwest

Host school: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Dates: April 4-6, 2018
Contacts: Eric Kasper; Brian Gaul
Website: Coming soon!

Rocky Mountain

Host school: UC Boulder
Dates: April 4-6, 2019
Contacts: Keith PorterAnika Pietenpol


Host school: University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Dates: March 28-30, 2019
Contacts: Mark Denavit


Host school:  Coming soon!
Dates: Coming soon!

Upstate New York

Host school: Rochester Institute of Technology
Dates: April 19-20, 2019
Contacts: Maureen S. Valentine; Nicole Cullen; Mike Salvatori
Website: Coming Soon!


Host school: George Mason University
Dates: March 29-30, 2019
Contacts: Liza Wilson DurantKledi Mita
Website: Coming soon!

Team Funding for the Regional Competition

Each U.S. school that is registered to compete in a Regional Competition receives $250 from AISC.  Additionally, one faculty sponsor from each school will receive hotel reimbursement for attending the regional event.

Funding for Regional Host Schools

The Regional Host school receives $2,500 from AISC to assist with expenses incurred in organizing the Regional Competition. In addition, AISC provides competition equipment and award plaques for all of the competitions.