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2019 SSBC National Finals. Photo Credit: Steve Buhman, New Leaf Studio

Thank you for hosting a regional competition for the Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC)! The regional competitions will be held during ASCE Student Symposia, and as the host school, you should work directly with ASCE to coordinate and plan the events. This page contains additional resources to support your planning efforts.

Host Guide

This guide supports the planning of the SSBC regional competitions, and it provides information about elements of the competition, including venue requirements, details about the standardized equipment, sample competition layouts, and preparation checklists for hosts.  

Download (updated August 25, 2022)


AISC has standardized and provided the necessary equipment for every SSBC regional competition, including steel angles, grating, measuring devices, and safety supports. The equipment belongs to the region.

Equipment Guide

This guide provides instructions on how to set up and operate the standardized equipment.

Download (updated August 25, 2022)


Upon receiving the equipment shipment, hosts should use the respective checklist to inventory all items. Refer to the photo guide for more information about each item. 

AISC will provide replacements for certain missing or damaged items. Notify AISC of any missing or damaged equipment by December 1 using the SSBC Inventory Form. The host school is responsible for replacing other miscellaneous items, such as batteries and tape.

Inventory List by Region (updated September 8, 2022)

Photo Guide (updated September 8, 2022)

SSBC Inventory Form

Competition Setup

Station Checklists

These checklists contain the item quantities that are required at each station of the main competition. Refer to the lists when setting up the equipment for the competition.  


Construction Lane Taping Plan

This drawing provides guidance on how to tape the construction lanes. It shows which dimensions are critical during setup and which side of the tape dimensions should be taken.

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