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Thank you for hosting a Student Steel Bridge Competition – Regional Event.  A Regional Event Host Guides part one and two are provided below. We encourage you to review these guides and use it when creating your event.  While not exhaustive, this guide has been designed to assist you in the effective planning, organization, and administration of a safe, quality and fun competition.  It is intended to serve as a guide that should stimulate thinking on the part of the Regional Event Host Planning Committee. More detailed information regarding the use of the equipment is located in Regional Event Host Guide Part 2.

Regional Event Host Guide Part 1

Regional Event Host Guide Part 2


 Host Guide Part 2 is now available!

This guide provides instructions for running a Student Steel Bridge Competition including setup.  It is intended to be used by hosts and judges. Supplemental documents included in the guide are linked below:


Volunteer & Judges Email Blast

We recently sent out an email blast to our members with a call for volunteers and judges for the upcoming SSBC- Regional Events. We have received some questions from our hosts regarding this call for volunteers, so we have answered FAQs below

Overview of the SSBC Call for Judges and Volunteers

AISC is hoping to provide additional support to you by contacting our membership base with a call for volunteers for your Regional Event. AISC's members will express their interest through an interest form, located on our volunteer resource page.


Where can I find the people who expressed interest in volunteering for my event?
Those who expressed interest in volunteering at your Regional Event have been added to your Host Information Spreadsheet*, under the 'Volunteer' tab. This list will be updated weekly as submissions come in.
*Your Host Information spreadsheet is located within your Regional Event's folder. Find your Regional Event folder here

Will AISC contact the people who expressed interest?
No, we will simply provide you with the contact information of each person and you can handle scheduling and assignments with the volunteers directly.

Am I required to utilize this list of people?
No, you are not required to use the people who expressed interest. They are aware that they are simply expressing interest and this is not a firm commitment. We understand that you may have all of your judging and volunteer slots filled.

Do I have to contact the people on this list?
No, you are not required to contact the people who have expressed interest to volunteer at your event. However, it is polite to do so. If you are not utilizing them for your event, we suggest sending a thank you email for offering to support you. If they are local, maybe you can invite them to simply attend your competition as a spectator! These are professionals who are excited to support your students!

I have someone who is interested in judging/ volunteering, can I direct them to this form?
Feel free to direct any of your potential volunteers/ judges to this informational page and form if you do not have a volunteer sourcing system in place! Any submissions that are for your Regional Event will be added to your Host spreadsheet weekly.

How often will the Regional Event Spreadsheet be updated with new volunteer interest submissions?
Your spreadsheet will be updated weekly as submissions come in.

When will AISC close the form for submissions?
We will stop collecting responses for your Regional Event 3 weeks prior to your event, unless you specify otherwise. If you would like us to remove your event from the form options, please Sean Faron at


Support from AISC

AISC is here to support you as a Regional Event Host. With AISC as the sole sponsor of the Student Steel Bridge Competition, AISC has created two full-time positions dedicated to supporting the competition, hosts and teams.

 Team Member

 Contact Information

 For Questions About:

Sean Faron
Special Event Assistant
  • Participant Inquiries
  • SSBC Clubs & Teams
  • Fabricator Partnerships
  • Faculty Advisor and Judge Reimbursements
  Sadie Brown, CMP
Special Event Planner
  • Sponsorships
  • Regional Event Planning
  • Equipment Delivery & Logistics