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Here, you will find the information you need to know as a team competing in the 2020 AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition. 

UW-Madison 2018

2020 Competition

The Student Steel Bridge Competition (SBBC) is a program sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).   There will be 18 SSBC Regional Events with approximately 200 schools participating. The winners of the Regional Events, with the exception of Guest Teams advance to the National Finals.

How to compete


Step #1 Pre-register your team by November 15, 2019
In order for your school to compete in the 2020 AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition, the teams Faculty Advisor must complete the pre-registration form by November 15, 2019. Upon pre-registering, your team will receive your $500 SSBC Participating Team Stipend from AISC.

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Step #2 Register with Regional Event Host School
Once your team is pre-registered with AISC for the 2020 competition, Your team must also register to attend with the Regional Event Host at a later date. All pre-registered teams will receive an email from their SSBC- Regional Event Host School with registration information by December 15.


Regional Events


Team Funding for Regional Events
Each U.S. school that is pre-registered to compete in a Regional Competition receives $500 from AISC in support of their SSBC team. The check will be sent to the Faculty Advisor’s mailing address by December 15, 2019*

Faculty Reimbursement
One faculty sponsor from each school will receive hotel reimbursement for attending the SSBC Regional Event. Learn more on our faculty resources page.

Funding for Regional Event Host Schools
The Regional Host school receives $2,500 from AISC to assist with expenses incurred in organizing the Regional Competition. In addition, AISC provides competition equipment, award plaques for all of the competitions, and sources sponsorships.

AISC Sponsor Recognition
As one of your team's sponsors, please remember to include AISC in your lists of donors. If you plan to advertise your sponsoring companies, as many teams do, you may use the AISC logo that is available for  download here

Additional Resources

2020 Competitors Guide

AISC has released a 2020 Competitors Guide filled with information, general guidelines and helpful tips for SSBC Teams. This new resource is a supplement to all other SSBC resources provided and is to be used as a companion to the SSBC Rules. This guide can be especially helpful to first-time competitors or those brand new to the competition.


Plan your Bridge Project

For a successful performance at the Regional Event and National Finals, it’s important to get started early! An example timeline is provided here to ensure your team has the resources necessary, is properly registered, and has enough time to practice constructing your bridge for competition.  Note: This timeline may vary depending on school calendar and date of Regional Event.


AISC Student Clubs

Collegiate students can now form official clubs directly affiliated with AISC, gaining access to a wide array of resources, benefits, as well as educational and networking opportunities. Please proceed to the AISC Student Clubs page for more details!

Fabricator Partnerships

AISC has a strong fabricator membership who are always looking to support students. AISC has established a fabricator partnership request form for Student Steel Bridge Competition Teams.

To assist your SSBC Team in securing partnerships with local fabricators,  please fill out this fabricator partnership request form. Once your solicitation request is submitted, AISC will provide you with a plan of action for your ask, including contact information, letter templates, and more. This will ensure your team has the most accurate information prior to making your solicitation ask and will provide you with items such as solicitation history, brand use, donor intent, and solicitation language. 

Fabricators could potentially support you in the following ways:

  • Donate materials for the bridge.
  • Assist in fabrication services for the schools that do not have their own shop facilities. (Students are encouraged to maximize their involvement in fabrication!)
  • Based upon the competition rules, provide guidance on constructability and cost.
  • Make a monetary contribution to the school that can be used to offset expenses such as materials, other equipment, shop training, and travel to the regional and national competitions. 

Fabricator Partnership Request Form

Social Media & Branding

The official SSBC hashtag is #SSBCxAISC. Be sure to follow the hashtag to see what other SSBC teams are up too! AISC will post your tagged pictures to our Instagram, @AISC! View more social media tips here.

While your team is a separate entity of SSBC, we encourage you to follow our branding guidelines on all external communications. Together, through consistent usage and branding, we can communicate a unified message.


Software Sponsor

As a 2020 SSBC National Software Sponsor, Bentley Institute is pleased to offer free software and learning options in support of SSBC teams. Learn More