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Here, you will find the information you need to know as a team competing in the 2019 AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition. 

UW-Madison 2018

2020 Competition

The 18 Student Steel Bridge Competition Regional Events are organized by host schools under the guidance of AISC. The winners of the Regional Events, with the exception of Guest Teams, advance to the National Finals.

For planning, convenience, and team budgetary reasons, the 2020 Regional Events will largely follow the ASCE Student Conference dates and locations.  However, this was not possible in all cases, so please take special note when your region is announced.  The 2020 Regional Event locations, dates will be posted as hosts are confirmed.  This information will be updated throughout the summer, so please check back for updates!

We wish all participants the best of luck, and we hope to see you in Blacksburg, Virginia for the 2020 SSBC- National Finals!

New Competition Guide for Participants

AISC has released a new Competition Guide filled with information, general guidelines and helpful tips for SSBC Teams. This new resource is a supplement to all other SSBC resources provided and is to be used as a companion to the SSBC Rules. This guide can be especially helpful to first-time competitors or those brand new to the competition.


SSBC Structure

SSBC Structure

The Student Steel Bridge Competition (SBBC) is a program sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).   There will be 17 SSBC Regional Events with approximately 200 schools participating. The winners of the Regional Events advance to the National Finals. 

Regional Events

The 18 Regional Events are organized independently by host schools under the guidance of AISC. The winners of the Regional Events, with the exception of Guest Teams, advance to the National Finals. 

The number of teams from each Regional Event that qualify for the National Finals is dependent on the number teams that have entered the Regional Event, excluding Guest Teams. See the table below:

# of Teams at Regional Event*

# of Teams that can qualify for National Finals from Regional Event

1-4 teams 1 team invited to National Finals
5-13 teams 2 teams invited to National Finals
14-21 teams 3 teams invited to National Finals
21+ teams 4 teams invited to National Finals

  *does not include guest teams

National Finals

Top finishers at the 2020 Regional Events qualify to compete at the 2020 National Finals to be held at Virginia Tech, May 22-23, 2020..  Please note: The competition is on Memorial Day weekend.

Register with AISC

AISC Team participation registration in a 2020 SSBC- Regional Event will open in August/ September. Check back soon for more information. 

Start an SSBC Club!

There are a variety of ways Student Steel Bridge Competition Teams are structured. One of them is through an SSBC Club. Learn about tips and benefits to forming a club here.

Additional Resources

Plan your Bridge Project

For a successful performance at the Regional Event and National Finals, it’s important to get started early! An example timeline is provided here to ensure your team has the resources necessary, is properly registered, and has enough time to practice constructing your bridge for competition.  Note: This timeline may vary depending on school calendar and date of Regional Event.

Team Faculty Advisor Expectations

Please review our faculty advisor expectations to learn about the role.

Branding Guide

While your team is a separate entity of SSBC, we encourage you to follow our branding guidelines on all external communications. Together, through consistent usage and branding, we can communicate a unified message.

Social Media

The official SSBC hashtag is #SSBCxAISC. Be sure to follow the hashtag to see what other SSBC teams are up too! AISC will post your tagged pictures to our instagram, @AISC! View more social media tips here.

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