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Here, you will find the information you need to know as a team competing in the 2021 AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition. 

UW-Madison 2018

All 2021 Student Steel Bridge Competition events will be completely virtual. 

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SSBC: Compete from Campus

AISC will not hold in-person Regional Events or in-person National Finals this year. In lieu of in-person events, AISC offers a Compete from Campus option of the traditional competition, provided it is safe to do so given any restrictions put in place by a team’s school. Teams that participate in a Compete from Campus Regional Event will be eligible to qualify for the National Finals which will also be in a Compete from Campus format. Wild card eligibility rules will still apply.


Guidelines & Additional Information 

Visit for guidelines, resources and updates as they are made available.

The Supplemental Competition

AISC is also offering an optional Supplemental Competition this year to accommodate schools that are unable to fabricate a bridge due to university or local restrictions. This will be a design-only competition. See the section below for an overview of the Supplemental Competition.


What is the supplemental competition?

This year, AISC is launching a new, design-only team contest that allows for 100% virtual participation from start to finish. The Supplemental Competition has been developed with the same vision and mission as the Main Student Steel Bridge Competition while recognizing that the ability to fabricate a bridge, practice construction, and travel to a competition may be restricted for some students and teams due to the ongoing pandemic.  To address this unique challenge, the Supplemental Competition has been developed to allow teams to participate in a competition while completing the requirements remotely and thereby still empowering students to acquire, demonstrate, and value the knowledge and skills that they will use as the future generation of steel design professionals.  

Students design, analyze, and develop the construction sequence for the same scale-model bridge that is described in the Main Competition Rules.  Student teams should be familiar with the design requirements stipulated in the Main Competition Rules document.  Student teams will complete the requirements of the Supplemental Competition by themselves, but may consult with faculty and other advisors.  The results will be critiqued and teams will be provided feedback on the portfolio that they submit.

How to Compete

  1. Pre-register your team with AISC: Whether your team decides to compete in the SSBC, The Supplemental Competition, or both, we ask each Faculty Advisor to pre-register your team by October 30.The pre-registration deadline has passed.
  2. Start your Design: Check out the additional resources section below for support! 
  3. Submit your Materials: Teams shall submit all materials for the Supplemental Competition at where there will be instructions on how to upload materials. All materials shall be submitted by March 1, 2021. 


The Supplemental Competition is open to any student team that meets the normal SSBC eligibility requirements as defined by the Rules, whether or not they are competing in the main Competition. More information, including the Rules for the Supplemental Competition, can be found on the Rules and Clarifications page.


NCSEA Mentorship

Students may have questions about how to put together a written report and how to best convey the important information about the design and construction sequence of their bridge project. That’s why we’ve partnered with the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) to pair practicing engineers with student teams to provide mentorship and guidance as teams develop their analysis reports.

More information about the NCSEA partnership is available at

Important Dates

download important dates pdf

December 3, 2020 | SSBC In-Person Events Canceled

AISC’s Director of Education, Christina Harber, announced all 2021 Student Steel Bridge Competition events will be completely virtual in this announcement made on December 3, 2020.

December 9, 2020 | SSBC Webinar: Compete From Campus

During this webinar we’ll walk you through the Compete from Campus Guide, which will be released in early December, and we will outline the requirements for a safe and fair competition option for participating teams. We will also answer any questions you have about the Compete from Campus option. Add Event to Calendar!

February 1, 2021 | Pre-Registration Update & Campus Judge(s) Due

All SSBC: Compete from Campus and Supplemental Competition teams must complete the Pre-registration Update Form by February 1. This will help AISC prepare for the spring. Compete from Campus teams will also be asked to provide the contact information for their judge(s). The form will be available at in December. 

March 1, 2021 | Supplemental Competition Submission Deadline

Teams shall submit all materials for the Supplemental Competition at Additional instructions for uploading materials will be provided on this page.

April 1, 2021 | Compete from Campus Submission Deadline

Teams shall submit all materials for the SSBC: Compete from Campus option at Additional instructions for uploading materials will be provided on this page.

additional resources


Working Remotely As a Team Guide

AISC requests that all SSBC teams work together virtually during the fall term. Tasks such as team recruitment, project planning, fundraising, and bridge design can all be done remotely. To help with this, we’ve put together a guide for students to ease the transition to virtual teamwork. Even if students are already familiar with virtual classes, we hope the tools in this guide will help them develop strategic teamwork skills that will serve them well for the rest of their professional lives.


NCSEA Mentorship 

We’ve partnered with the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) to pair practicing engineers with student teams to provide mentorship and guidance throughout their bridge project and beyond. Learn more at


View SSBC's upcoming and archived webinars at

Team Recruitment Video

Is your team planning on holding a virtual meeting to recruit new teammates? Get potential members excited by starting off your meeting with this SSBC recruitment video!


AISC Student Clubs

Collegiate students can now form official clubs directly affiliated with AISC, gaining access to a wide array of resources, benefits, as well as educational and networking opportunities. Please proceed to the AISC Student Clubs page for more details!

Fabricator Partnerships

AISC has a strong fabricator membership who are always looking to support students. AISC has established a fabricator partnership request form for Student Steel Bridge Competition Teams. To assist your SSBC Team in securing partnerships with local fabricators,  please fill out this fabricator partnership request form. Once your solicitation request is submitted, AISC will provide you with a plan of action for your ask, including contact information, letter templates, and more. This will ensure your team has the most accurate information prior to making your solicitation ask and will provide you with items such as solicitation history, brand use, donor intent, and solicitation language. 

Fabricators could potentially support you in the following ways:

  • Donate materials for the bridge.
  • Assist in fabrication services for the schools that do not have their own shop facilities. (Students are encouraged to maximize their involvement in fabrication!)
  • Based upon the competition rules, provide guidance on constructability and cost.
  • Make a monetary contribution to the school that can be used to offset expenses such as materials, other equipment, shop training, and travel to the regional and national competitions. 


2020 Competitors Guide

AISC has released a 2020 Competitors Guide filled with information, general guidelines and helpful tips for SSBC Teams. This resource is a supplement to all other SSBC resources provided and is to be used as a companion to the SSBC Rules. This guide can be especially helpful to first-time competitors or those brand new to the competition. Please keep in mind that this guide is applicable to SSBC: In Person events, which will not be taking place in 2021.


Software Sponsor

As a 2021 SSBC National Software Sponsor, Bentley Institute is pleased to offer free software and learning options in support of SSBC teams. Learn More