Into The Woods
By Marjorie Lund, P.E., S.E.
Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center treads lightly but provides unique vantage points.

Steel, A Perfect Choice for Parking Structures
By Richard C. Rich, P.E.
Garage designs have changed over the years, using this adaptable material in a variety of ways.

Fire Hits the Deck
By Dale F. Denda
In parking garage fires, the framing system never takes the most heat.

Increasing Overhead Capacity
By Peter Markhausen, M.S., P.E. and Dave Henley, P.E.
Field-bolted spliced open-web steel joists offer a lightweight and easy-to-install upgrade.

Thinking Inside the Box
By Eileen Burke and Rusty Kucher
A student team proposes a unique way to make Olympic athletes feel right at home.

The Steel Challenge: Collegiate Sports Facilities
By Thomas L. Scott, P.E., Leed AP, Stephen H. Lucy, P.E. and John Hoenig, P.E., Leed AP
These projects can present both structural challenges and opportunities in which structural steel excels as a solution.

Just Like New
By Brad Miller, P.E.
Recycling and reusing parts of an old bridge means everybody wins.

A New Era for Short-Span Bridges
By Atorod Azizinamini, PH.D.
Steel provides a simple and economical solution.

Over the River and More By Craig A. Mattox, P.E.
The new Topeka Boulevard Bridge spans a river, a railroad, and local streets and structures.

Delicate and Desolate Bridge Replacement
By In-Tae Lee, P.E., S.E. and Melissa Moncada, P.E.
Combining an innovative approach and high-stregnth steel result in a prcturesque and functional upgrade.

Fire Protection Basics
By Monica Stockmann, LEED AP
A variety of good options are available.

Business Velocity: Part Two
By Larry Martof
A structured approach to looking for and eliminating waste.

Demystifying Social Media, Part One
By Anne Scarlett
What is it, and what makes sense for the AEC profession?

The Myth of Inadequate Structural Engineering Compensation
By Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., SECB
Seven tips for making the most of your chosen career.

2009 World Steel Bridge Symposium
Convening in Texas Bridge experts from around the world will gather November 17-20 in San Antonio to learn and share.