Axial Capacity of Partially Corroded Steel Bridge Piles

This paper presents the findings of an on-going research study to determine the axial capacity of steel bridge piles with severe, but localized loss of cross-section due to corrosion. A total of 13 I-shaped short steel columns with different degrees of sectional deterioration were tested to determine the remaining axial capacity of the deteriorated members. The deterioration of the cross-section was achieved by reducing the thickness of the webs and flanges near the mid-height of the columns. The reduction in the thickness of the flanges and the webs varied between 0-75% and 0-100%, respectively. In some cases, asymmetrical deterioration of flanges was considered which represents actual deterioration of steel bridge piles that was observed in the field. To simulate conditions of severe corrosion, several of the tested piles also included a reduction of the flange width of up to 50%. A digital image correlation-based non-contact measurement system was used to measure the full-field 3D deformation and strain profiles of the tested specimens. The research findings provide unique input into the effect of localized corrosion on the remaining capacity of individual steel bridge piles.

  • Date: 4/16/2013 - 4/20/2013


Karagah, H. and M. Dawood; University of Houston; Houston, TX

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